About CRC

About Community Realty Company, Inc. (CRC)

CRC was established in 1963 by a prominent group of builders and developers who shared the goal of ensuring the long-term success of real estate investments, as well as caring for the needs of apartment residents and commercial tenants.
Today, we still share the very same goals and dedication to both protecting and optimizing the value of real estate investments while providing quality work environments and welcoming residences for our tenants.
Our operating philosophy is founded on these principles of service:
Prompt responsiveness
Superb tenant relations
Aggressive marketing
Vigilant building and grounds care
Highest professional standards

These same principles are applied to all properties that we manage, because when our tenants are happy, our properties maintain or gain value and it creates a chain of success that goes all the way to our clients and back to us.  There’s a reason we’ve been doing the same thing for over 50 years: it works.