Property Management

Keeping properties well-maintained, tenants worry-free, and rent and occupancies maximized, takes experience. Ours spans over 50 years and we’ve developed a trusted and proven approach that we practice every day. CRC's financial and reporting systems are thorough, our administration is organized and efficient, and our operations and maintenance practices are meticulous. We never forget our philosophy of "operating from the owner's perspective."

There's a lifetime of knowledge behind our specialized management practices, but one of the major pillars of our success, which cannot be learned, is a skilled team thoroughly committed to owner satisfaction.

Asset Management

The most experienced property owners know that the right guidance can mean the difference between profitability and loss. CRC’s experience managing real estate through its lifecycle—maximizing return both in the short term through cash flow and appreciation, and in the long term by positioning properties in the face of changing market conditions, aging and obsolescence—allows us to effectively and efficiently determine the correct course of action for each project we encounter. We assess needed improvements and amenities, manage refurbishing and capital construction programs, and can package and market investments at the optimal time to the most qualified private investors, partnerships, REITs and investment funds. Our services also include assistance with acquisitions and due diligence, financing, development, land use and marketing strategy.


Sometimes you just need to be pointed in the right direction by someone with the depth and breadth of real estate experience. Our company’s vast knowledge allows us to offer a broad range of financial advisory services, including negotiations with lenders; preparation of loan submission packages and administration of submittals; providing for appraisals and appraisal reviews; assisting clients in feasibility analysis for special leasing and property redevelopment opportunities; researching special risks and opportunities or analyzing and forecasting economic trends; assisting with real estate tax appeal consultation; planning long-range capital expenditures; and basically any other situation in which you find yourself in need of assistance.


It takes smart and aggressive leasing programs to keep properties occupied and rents maximized. Our in-depth knowledge of property and tenant markets is made even more effective with marketing expertise and close relationships with brokers and leasing agents. Owners can rely on CRC as a partner that will exclusively and thoroughly represent their interests.